The Centre for Medical Simulation and Patient Safety at Kijabe provides excellence in the education of medical professionals through human, technical, and anatomical simulation.

The simulation centre at Kijabe contains a mock operating theatre, IT control room, and debriefing space. Our equipment currently includes three different types of high-fidelity simulation mannequins—SimMan, SimMom, and SimBaby. The mannequins mimic real patients who can talk, cry, bleed, and express reactions that you would expect to see in a real-life patient. In addition to training anesthesia providers, the centre also facilitates trainings for other categories of healthcare providers to more effectively respond to any type of medical scenario.

Understanding that the providers we train practice in places where facilities remain resource-limited, our simulation-based training exposes participants to scenarios where they will have limited equipment and drugs and be forced to innovative to stabilize the patient for referral or address emergencies on site with what is available. Simulation training is flexible in that it can cater to individuals or teams, teaching participants to work effectively in either situation. Debrief sessions are always held after each exercise to help participants break down their decision making and evaluate what they could have done better.


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