Data Collection

ImPACT Africa’s novel data collection tool allows providers in low-income settings to collect and monitor key perioperative anesthesia and surgical outcomes.

ImPACT Africa’s data collection tool was developed to be context-relevant for environments with low internet access, allowing for offline data collection with intermittent uploads. With a robust and growing dataset of 48,000+ cases, these data inform our understanding of population health related to perioperative mortality rates (POMR) and the factors associated with higher and lower risk. Data collection also allows us to monitor and evaluate the impact of our capacity-building efforts.

In our model, data are collected using tablets loaded with REDCap mobile software and a set of data collection forms created by ImPACT Africa. During our training courses, providers and students are trained on data entry, and data managers oversee the on-going collection of data, ensure quality, and provide on-site support.