Medical Simulation

ImPACT Africa’s high-fidelity medical simulation training centers are the first of their kind in Kenya and Ethiopia, serving as regional training hubs for providers and teams from across East Africa and beyond.

Experiential simulation-based training for healthcare providers has been demonstrated to improve provider knowledge, skill, and clinical performance and team performance. Our simulation curriculum for perioperative crisis management (including obstetrical, neonatal, and trauma care) is unique because it was specifically designed to be context-relevant for providers and trainees in low-resource settings.

ImPACT Africa has developed two simulation centers in Kenya (at AIC Kijabe Hospital and Kenya Medical Training College in Kisumu) and two centers in Ethiopia (at Mekelle University and Bahir Dar University). A key component of our model is training IT technicians at each of these sites to assist in simulation curriculum delivery and to maintain the simulation centers’ hardware, guaranteeing long-term sustainability.

ImPACT Africa also provides in-situ mobile simulation courses, training providers in their locales to further improve applicability to local context and overcome barriers associated with traveling to receive extracurricular training. ImPACT Africa’s Mobile Obstetric Simulation Training (MOST) program, for example, is designed for the entire clinical team caring for the mother and newborn in a crisis situation. MOST incorporates didactics on obstetrical emergencies and teamwork concepts of crisis resource management in addition to simulation training for the most common peripartum emergencies and neonatal resuscitation.